Patrick Oboi Amuriat wins FDC Party Presidency

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Muntu, a former army commander and bush war veteran who was running for the second and last term has beden defeated when he  garnered 463 votes (41.1 per cent) against Amuriat’s 641 (57.6 per cent). He was defeated at all the six polling stations at Namboole national stadium.

Patrick Oboi Amuriat is the new FDC president

Muntu ran his campaign on the approach of building party structures, accepted the defeat and apologised to those who did not vote for him for having disappointed them.

He said in the coming weeks, he has to make personal decisions about his struggle to liberate the country because he wants to operate in an environment where he is trusted.

“On my side, in the next few weeks, there are decisions I have to make. We need to bear with each other…We’ll do our part as human beings the rest we’ll leave to the living God…Honourable Amuriat you have taken over the seat of FDC but I can tell you it’s tough. I wouldn’t want you to operate in the environment that I have operated in…Continue the same path of building the party”, he said.

Amuriat, a new face in the party leadership, on his part, ran his campaign on the defiance strategy (radicalism) vowing to go head-on against the ruling party, NRM.

“Gen Muntu I will never stop to respect you as a president I look up to. I have listened to your remarks and I believe once the dust has settled, we shall have to meet and iron out the differences. We need each other in this party…In the near future I would like to meet all the candidates to find a way on how we can work together”, Amuriat said in his acceptance speech.

Amuriat added that the liberation of Uganda will not happen in Parliament but outside with the people. Political minnows Moses Byamugisha got 3 votes while Dan Malcom Matsiko got 2 votes each.



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