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Peace envoy Tony Blair throws surprise party for Cherie’s 60th with Strictly dancers and Bobby Davro – as Gaza death toll passes a 1000s

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‘He should be in the Middle East, not the UK’: Peace envoy Tony Blair blasted for throwing surprise birthday party for wife Cherie’s 60th at their £6million mansion – as Gaza death toll passes 1,050

  •     Peace envoy Tony Blair’s role is to hammer out ceasefire in times of conflict
  •     But he spent most of last week in UK before hosting lavish party for Cherie
  •     He held surprise 60th birthday party at £6m mansion in Buckinghamshire
  •     Invited 150 of the couple’s closes friends, including ministers and TV stars
  •     Hired Strictly Come Dancing’s Ian Waite and Kristina Rihanoff to perform
  •     Also hired comedian Bobby Davro to entertain guests at the £50,000 party

Tony Blair – the Middle East Peace Envoy – threw a lavish birthday party for his wife on Friday night at their country bolthole in Buckinghamshire, while the grim death toll from the Gaza conflict passed the 1,050 mark.

Mr Blair, whose role is to hammer out a ceasefire in times of conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, spent most of last week in the UK before hosting the couple’s friends at the party, estimated to have cost about £50,000. 

He held the surprise 60th birthday party for Cherie at their £6million country mansion South Pavilions, formerly the home of Sir John Gielgud, inviting 150 of their closest friends, which included former New Labour ministers, as well as wealthy businessmen and TV celebrities.

Just to make Cherie’s night even more memorable, Mr Blair even hired glamorous dance couple Kristina Rihanoff and Ian Waite from BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, who danced for them after dinner, to the Stevie Wonder classic Ma Cherie Amour. 

And comedian Bobby Davro was also hired to entertain, doing an impersonation of Mr Blair, and singing the song, If I Ruled The World.

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