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Poem: Dying to Live

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The luggage on my head,

Weighing twice my weight,

Measuring twice my height,

Carrying it all for a coin!

It’s midday on this street

The ground scorches bare feet

On my heads sits the sun

My throat dry calling for buyers

From Entebbe road to Luwum street

Much shouting but not a coin!

It’s past lunch time in this matatu

Mama, sister, aunt, brother-basatu

The same song from sunrise to sunset

Much hollering all for a coin!

The wheel barrow I borrowed to push

Merchandise to the taxi and bus

In packed city amidst full fuss-

Shouting “iron sheets” to get fasi

To say potatoes I may not pass!

Pushing this barrow for a week,

At night my chest feels so weak!

But at six am back on the street

I am dying for just a coin!

I secured a stall in the market

Where I collect my big blue bucket

Mama-katogo-my voice calls…

No one is ready to taste,

My little blood put to waste!

Even in this mid day heat,

This bucket twice my weight

Feels quite feather light

Because it earns me a coin!

Copyright©2010 Samuel Black candle

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