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Poem: Silent Screamer

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The best couple in public we are
When we get to church!
Only to get home where
He has my chest to punch!
Sweet smiles we share at a party
That fade as we both head home!
From the car I and joy to part,
Late in the middle of the night,
To get my skirt in pieces for sex!
I open my mouth to shout
Shout but finally not a word
To make children know-I hate!
And this feels like my fate
The fate of a silent screamer!

In this house without a home,
It’s past mid night on my window!
With no one to make me warm,
It feels like am a poor widow!
But I wait for this drunken man
His car lights from a distance,
My peace of mind to displace!
His savage car hoot at the gate,
Makes me the day we met to hate!
His shoe-knock at the silent floor,
The dagger into my soul to draw!
His thunder-knock at the door,
My heart up and down the floor!
Some times I feel like to scream-
Screaming I try but not a word-
To make neighbors know-I hate!
And this feels like my fate-
Fate of a silent screamer!

This ring on my finger-
Now losing shape like my figure!
The vows we took in church,
Keep playing back in my mind
The children I can’t leave back,
Make me regret giving birth!
Even when I want to tell the police
To think of a bread winner in jail,
To shout a word I try but to fail!
Even when I tell aunt of the pain,
Her word is a coward I am!
And this feels like my fate-
The fate of a silent screamer!

The silent screamer I am
The silent sufferer I am
The hopelessness,
The daily beatings,
The bruises on my cheeks,
The tears I share with my kids,
The gloomy nights of his kicks,
Of the daily pain am sick!
Even the clock stops to tick;
The cold blood in my veins
In my frozen world of chains

I pray some to hear my cry
For even when I am to try,
Many of you will believe me not!
I know I am alone not in this,
But none us raises a voice!
To open our wounds- we hate
And this feels like our fate
But if we have these men to hate,
So have we the lack of law to spell this fate!
The silent screamer’s fate!

copyright© 2010 Sam Johnson Ssemaganda aka Black candle

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