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Pokello Nare sneaked into the country with her lover Elikem from Ghana last week after spending close to a month in the West African country.

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While in Ghana, Pokello had the opportunity to meet Elikem’s family and also interact with fans who had voted for her during her stay in the BBA House.

Asked why Elikem had returned to Zimbabwe, she said her boyfriend had just accompanied her like lovers do.

“Akandiperekedza kuno (He escorted me here),” Pokello said, preferring to keep a lid on Elikem’s visit.

“I need love like this by my side always.”

The duo fell head over heels in the last season of the reality game show Big Brother Africa and took their romance out of the house.

Pokello’s relationship with tailor Elikem saw waning rapper, Stunner, lose out as he was ditched live on television.

The two are in the country to market Elikem’s fashion line with the clothes already available at Pokello’s Addicted to Shoes shop.

Pokello said she enjoyed her stay in Ghana which was now her second home after Zimbabwe.

While in the gold rich country, she managed to have a couple of endorsement deals as well as meeting influential ministers in the country and now the two want to push sales for Elikem’s clothes locally.

During the weekend, Pokello’s close friends and family had the opportunity to have the first pick of Elikem’s designer clothes which have a staggering average price of $180.

Meanwhile, speculation is high that Elikem may be in the country to pay Pokello’s bride price.

Commenting about their relationship, Pokello said she was now inseparable from Elikem.

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