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Police arrest 60 at Dutch Christmas festival during protests over traditional ‘Black Pete’ clowns with blacked-up faces

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  • Dozens arrested in the Netherlands during ‘Black Pete’ Christmas tradition 
  • Around 60 protesters and supporters of controversial tradition arrested 
  • Procession sees white men, women and children paint their faces black 
  • ‘Black Pete’ clowns accompany Saint Nicholas as he greets children 
  • Protesters say tradition is racist but millions of Dutch people disagree 
  • Dutch PM says the ‘children’s party’ should not be disturbed by protests
  • The festive celebration also takes place in cities across Belgium

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Dutch police have arrested 60 protesters at a traditional ‘Black Pete’ celebration which sees people black-up their faces and dress as clowns.

The event celebrates the arrival of Saint Nicholas and his jester companion ‘Black Pete’, but some say the tradition of people painting their faces black is racist.

Protesters scuffled with police in the Dutch city of Gouda as thousands of children gathered to welcome the arrival of Sinterklaas – or Father Christmas – and Black Pete.

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