President Barack Obama At Lowest Approval Rating Ever, Says Fox News Poll

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President Obama is currently sitting at his lowest approval rating ever, at least according to a new Fox News poll.

Conducted between March 2 and 4, the Fox News poll ranked President Obama’s approval rating at only 34 percent, making this the first time in Obama’s presidency that his approval rating slipped below 40 percent. Polls measured in January and February found that Obama has a 42 percent approval rating. Meanwhile, 54 percent say they disapprove of Obama and another 9 percent say they’re unsure.

The hit on Obama’s approval rating seems to come from his handling of the Ukraine crisis. Only 33 percent of respondents said they approve of Obama’s foreign policy, down 6 whole percentage points from December.

Though the poll is bad news for Obama, it showed better prospects for former Secretary of State and 2016 front-runner Hillary Clinton. 50 percent of respondents said that Clinton would make a good president, almost double any other options given on the poll. Tied for second place in the poll were Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) and Vice President Joe Biden, who each received support from 28 percent of respondents, though presumably not the same 28 percent. Clinton was also the only hypothetical candidate that every respondent had heard of. A full 30 percent said they had never heard of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

Though Fox News claims this is the first time Obama’s approval rating has fallen below 40 percent, Gallup’s daily poll lists Obama’s approval rating at 42 percent, with a similar 54 percent disapproval rating. Both polls have a margin of error of three points.

Check out the complete Fox News poll here.

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