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Princess Komuntale’s Love Life Gone Bad – Christopher Thomas a Gold Digger

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By Jane Nambi

Princess Komuntale’s love life is on the rocks as we speak right now. What seemed to be a beautiful love story of prince meets princess has now changed to princess meets the devil, wearing sheep’s skin.

Before the wedding, Princess Komuntale’s husband, who at the time was her fiance, asked the public to teach him how to love her; he seemed like the right guy for her. She asked her kingdom to accept Thomas because she loved him despite him not being a Ugandan or a Mutoro. It all seemed so surreal. Well, may be it was not after all.

Reports coming our way reveal that the prince charming with a charming smile, Christopher Thomas is a gold digger. There are several incidents citing that he indeed is one.

According to a local newspaper, before the wedding, the couple had agreed, mutually, to let a magazine use their wedding pictures for a certain fee. However, they had not yet settled for a particular fee. The morning before the wedding though, Thomas had his eyes on money so, he called the magazine to negotiate how much money they would pay them in exchange of using their photos in their magazine. “At 7:00am on their wedding day while I was still sleeping, I received a call from him ( Thomas) demanding to know how much we were willing to pay for the pictures,” the source recalls. “When I suggested to him that we postpone the discussion to a suitable date after his wedding day, he briskly replied ‘let’s  first get business out of the way’. I was in shock and went numb,” she says.

After the church service, while journalists interviewed his new wife and mother-in-law,  Thomas is said to have walked away to make another phone call to the media house. “He called back with a  figure. He wanted sh25m for the use of pictures,” she recalls but told him they would not change their position something which angered the new Prince of Tooro. “We see our photos (in your magazine), we’ll sue you,” the newspaper went on to add. Later on, as a couple, four days after the wedding, they walked into the media house and started new negotiations.

His actions are now being depicted in bad light which is affecting, not only their relationship but also brushing up on the Tooro royal family. ”The love, integrity and respect he promised her have gone through the window. He is selfish and conceited. He has brought anguish upon the princess. She is a loyal wife who wants things to work out but frustration has crept in the marriage,” a source in the Toro royal family says.

Thomas’ gold digging attitude was also seen when he refused to stay in the home which was given to them by the Queen Mother, Best Kemigisha insisting he wanted to live in the palace at Munyonyo. The newspaper went on to add that at the moment, the Queen Mother is facilitating everything ranging from their honey moon to their stay. “Queen Mother is definitely unhappy with the way it has panned out so far but she can’t do much about it. She overly pampered him and she has to bear with his shortcomings. She doesn’t have a lot of support on this and has chosen to bear the brunt alone. She is stuck with him and whatever happens she has to make it work,” a source was quoted as saying.

It is said that the Queen Mother is now being blamed for the bad things happening to her daughter and her husband. This is all because she allegedly attended the Kweranga (Traditional giveaway) yet according to tradition, she wasn’t supposed to attend.

Christopher  Thomas is a second born child of investment banker,  Thomas Senior and with an engagement ring worth sh18m, he seemed to be a rich wealthy young man. It is not clear where his funds came from but according to the newspaper, Christopher Thomas is nothing but a pay roll accountant who has been in and out of formal employment. He has worked with Kastle Systems LLC (2006), Eagle Technologies (2008) and Discovery Channel, which he quit in 2009.

All these come as nothing but a surprise to some of the kingdom officials who were quoted saying, “I am not shocked it has turned out that way. I had my reservations about this marriage in the first place; what is happening lately only justifies my earlier suspicions about him.”



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