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Promota Spring Summer Make Over 2012 – Diana Owot’s Style

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Diana Owot Is a model, Freelance Public Relations Writer and a Retail marketing assistant.

How would you describe your style
I wouldn’t say that I have a specific style…I love to experiment with different styles often it can be reflected by my mood…which can be girly/floral…sophisticated/glamorous…vintage/quirky.

Where do you like shopping?
What I love about shopping in London is there are so many different avenues to explore. I’m not just the typical brand follower. I often find great pieces in cool market stalls and small boutiques…but I do admit to crushing on H&M, Zara, and House of Fraser
What is your worst fashion blunder?
Worst fashion mistake…ah…memories…I would probably go back in time and say these baggy jeans I bought when I went through my tomboy stage…they just hung loose and were a bad fitting. Cringe-worthy.

Best fashion Tip
In Fashion you should be yourself. Your style is reflective of yourself.
To find clothes that fit your body shape, so that you can be comfortable as well as stylish.
To be confident in what you are wearing whether you are trying a new style or just your regular clothes. Just go with the flow and rock it as best as you can.

What are your inspirations?
For me I see inspirations in a variety of factors, this can be through my culture, family and friends. I also find art and periods in history to be a factor such as the romantic era in the 20s and the disco era during the 70s.

My mother has always been a great role model, when I was a young girl I used to watch her dress. For me she has always embodied the style of a real lady and she taught me the grace of that. Right now I am feeling First Lady Michelle Obama, as the first black lady she blew us away with her strength and smartness. She also showed the world that black women cannot just be put in one box but can also be bold, bright, sophisticated and beautiful. Hey style is Timeless reminiscent of another previous first lady the classic Jackie O Kennedy. 

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