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Proud to be Ugandan? (UK Diaspora Events)

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The ‘Proud to be Ugandan’ mega party was initiated and supported by Mr. Willy Mutenza of the Promota Marketing Consultant, with a sponsorship from Western Union and Brussels Airlines. The event coincided with the celebration of Uganda’s 48th Independence Anniversary. Club Volts in North London was the venue where patriotic Ugandans and friends of Uganda flocked to party the night away with tunes reminiscent of Uganda past. The major highlight was a surprise happy hour, provided courtesy of  Mr. Mutenza  where all drinks were on the house for one full hour. People made a road block queueing to the well stocked bars to have their free share of the night.

The crowd were elated when the celebrated Nigerian MC Jazzee Phizzle sung the national anthem and drew a thrill of joy from the crowds when he shouted, “I’m proud to be Ugandan”, and “Say it out loud”!

During my work interacting with the African community in the UK, I always admire Ghanaians and Nigerians for the love of their country, especially associating their flag colours on most of their various products. This is what inspired me to start a patriotic campaign to remind Ugandans that we have our native African home and it is us who should be the first to feel proud of it, even before foreigners who try to attract tourists and investors to our country.
I thank Western Union and Brussels Airlines, who are always there to give me support.

Below is a tag line I challenge all Ugandans to adopt to make our mother Uganda flourish again.

‘Proud to be Ugandan’. Incorporate it on your web site, on your email signature, on your car bumper, on your window pane, on your wall. Say it. Feel it. Act with it. When you travel to Jamaica, you will find nothing special in their country in comparison to Uganda, but the love they have for their country make people want to visit it and explore it for themselves. We can do it too, fellow Ugandans. Let’s go for it!

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