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Publisher’s Letter – 26th issue of the Promota magazine

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The time is now for Diaspora to change Africa.

After a lot of consultation and review we decided to unveil our mini edition which we think will be better compatible with our readers. You therefore get more pages and a handy carry-everywhere item for the transient traveller.

The African Diaspora is long established in many countries, and are a great source of revenue to their countries. Notwithstanding the diversity of their communities – in terms of origin and length of stay – the Diaspora enjoys an extremely strong sense of shared identity as well as a powerful attachment to ‘home’, feelings that tend to override regional and political differences. This affinity finds expression in many ways. The Diaspora has played a crucial role in Africa’s economic growth, providing the lion’s share of inward investment in terms of remittance since the late 1980s.

In the Promota we advocate for development of Diasporas and over time expose opportunities both in careers and business back home. In this issue you will find opportunities of owning a plot in Uganda from as little as £500, which also exist in other African countries. Rush and grab some of these opportunities. We are still dedicating this year to travel, fashion and beauty not only to interest Diasporans to the beauty of their homeland but as well as appreciating the talent and beauty of Black people. Recently, I helped organise a Presidential initiative on tourism in Uganda which His Excellency, Yoweri Museveni launched in London. I was astonished to note how little I knew about the irresistible beauty of my country Uganda and I can’t wait to take a holiday to enjoy what Westerners pay to visit when I can get it free. We now have Japanese tourists flocking to Ugandan villages, paying $150 to experience the joys of milking a cow – African-style!

We also pay tribute and say farewell to one of the world greatest music icons and singers, Whitney Houston.

To those who aspire to take a plunge into business, we feature Lord Sugar who says “We need to instil that starting a business from scratch is the right thing to do – with your own money”. Africans in the West need to realise that we should be more innovative and have our own ideas in order to compete in today’s fast growing, innovative business environment. Go to page 40 and witness the new innovation I introduced to the ethnic advertising market; simple but mind-blowing – with top corporate’s already using the technology.

If you don’t get inspired easily then read the challenges and resilience of Mama Mbire, one of the most successful businesswomen in Uganda, (page 80). Allow me to share this advice from Mama Mbire:
“Nothing will find you, seated in your soft chair, you have to work hard and take calculated risks. Don’t try to copy, always study and find out what is missing in the market, and then see what you can do to provide what is missing,”.
Uganda has recently been in the spotlight caused by the Kony viral video. It is sad that Africans continue to sit and allow greedy people to make money out of our misery.

Once again, don’t forget to highlight in your calendar and save the date: 15th Sept, 2012, when we will be flocking to the Ugandan UK Convention where vast opportunities for investment and networking will be exposed. The invitation is open to Diasporans from all countries.

I wish you all ‘great reading’ and encourage my fellow Diasporans to always think about investing back home.

Africa needs you now!

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