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Publisher’s Letter – issue22

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Ameliorate your life for a better future.

Again we are nearing the end of the year and with it, the anticipation to start a new one. In some cultures, the expectations – and stresses – of Holy celebrations are on everyone’s mind, but in the business community, we are busy evaluating our business performance. Without that evaluation, it would be hard to re-adjust or to better strategise for the New Year.

I have just come back from a short visit back home to Uganda. I was amazed by the current developments, especially the change of mindset in our people. Africans have adopted a culture of having a dream and of working hard to achieve it. Those of us fortunate enough to live in the West, know that the government will help us with income support based funds, if our standard of income is too close to the poverty line.

Someone might feel I am a sell-out when I say I would have voted Conservative if I had clearly read their policy of redistribution of wealth and cuts on the culture of dependency. Africa has  suffered  and still is  suffering because of this same paradigm of dependency. It is high time that our generation – and future generations –  put a stop to our dependency on the West and drive Africa into a self-sufficient continent. It is annoying to witness in your native village your own Auntie going to get her ration from WFO. Imagine!
I know personally how some people living in the UK are determined not to become employed for years on end, through whatever means they can, even if it means producing more children to keep on receiving state benefits!

In this issue we are featuring one man who has worked hard to reach the top and become one of the most successful business men in Uganda and East Africa, Mr. Patrick Bitature. Get inspired as you read how he  started with very little but achieved much with dedication and enthusiasm for his work.

Another man who strived in his field as a writer and media personality is Mr. Vincent Magombe, based in the UK for many years. Many will know him for his strong views on bringing change to Africa’s politics and help the continent come to the realisation that it can indeed  help itself.
It seems that through yet another home-grown initiative called LIFT, more prominent personalities in Uganda do believe that the country will prosper with the full participation and investment of its own people. Read what Major General  Benon Biraaro  intends to achieve through LIFT and join his efforts to make a difference.

Lastly, we also must  have the courage to look at one of  our age-old custom that creates a lot of harm in our people’s lives and literally puts lives at risk, namely female and male circumcision. We cannot keep on clamoring that it is necessary to perpetuate such horrendous custom in the name of…what exactly? Health purposes? Religious beliefs? Honoring the ancestors? These are not valid reasons at all. Any circumcision, male and female is a plain and gratuious infliction of pain, and for women, it is also a life-long source of suffering. We must do away with this terrible habit and show respect to our children’s bodies and ensure the protection of their future health.

“Individuals must learn to take responsibility for their lives and for their future. The state does have an obligation to enfranchise the poor; in return the poor have a responsibility to step up to the mark and to work actively for self-advancement and self-reliance” Max Wind-Cowe

Willy Mutenza
email: | 07950 285 493

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