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Publisher’s Letter: The blame game: how we love to play it!

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So here we are, soon entering a brand New Year, and with it, proclaiming brand new resolutions!

But are our resolutions really that new?  I forever encourage our readers to be the best they can be, to aim high, to make a meaningful difference in their lives, and of those around them.  But are things really changing that much?  And if not, what is it that stops us from creating the life that we really want?

I for one know of one major factor that holds us all back in our individual progression, and it is to be a full time participant in the  ‘blame game’, for the greater part of the year.

I have stopped counting the times I hear people say to me that the reason they do not succeed is because of this or that, their actions or lack thereof, the economy, lack of opportunities, the president, and his ministers. And the list goes on and on!

So I suggest to my dear friends to stand in front of a mirror, and to say the person who looks back at them: YOU, and you only, are the reason why your life is the way it is.

To blame anyone for anything does two very destructive things; firstly, it transforms us into puppets at the mercy of everyone around us: secondly, it makes cowards of us, even though no one would admit to it, or recognise it.
Why puppets? To blame someone else is saying that things are happening to us rather than with our cooperation, effectively making us powerless, with our strings pulled by others who do with us whatever they please! Not a great picture, is it? And we do not like it, so we end up rather angry to be seemingly manipulated, but still we carry on blaming. Let us make the other ones look bad!

And why cowards? Because, shifting the responsibility onto someone else on how our life enfolds is effectively saying  ‘I do not want to be responsible for my life. I do not want to look at what I am doing wrong, at the poor quality of my decisions, leading to poor results; I do not want or dare to make the effort to change’.

It is time to reclaim our true power. And we can do this only by totally desisting from the temptation to be a player in the ‘blame game’!  It has never served us to cast any blame on anyone or anything.  We must at all times realise that we are the sole directors of our lives, no one else, and that we create our own reality, through the quality of our thoughts, deeds, and actions.

So to start 2015 on a really high note, I will suggest to you, dear readers, only one thing:  resolve throughout the year to stop blaming altogether. Not even your dearest and nearest should be on the receiving end of your blame. Not your spouse, not your children, not your employer, the government or the weather!

Take complete responsibility for your life, in every aspect of it. You will straight away feel empowered, anger or resentment towards others will vanish, and new ideas or solutions will come your way as you are open and committed to positive changes in your life. Only you can create the life you want!  Be committed to it!

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