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Publisher’s Letter – issue 27

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When I contemplate the characteristics exhibited by an exemplary volunteer, I think of dedication, selflessness, a desire to give back to the community, and a drive to uphold the highest level of humility and integrity. And, this year again a group of volunteers are organising the 2nd UK Ugandan Convention. Among the altruistic objectives of the Convention in promoting virtuous giving are the diamond facets of philanthropy, voluntary services, and caring among other Ugandans out here in the Diaspora. Far from home, this is where we need to promote a strong bond with one another in order to prosper in the challenging time.

This year’s Convention has seen us continue to work with African Diaspora from other countries including a Consultant from Sierra Leone, as well as volunteers from Kenya and Tanzania. They all have one thing in common: promoting community cohesion, philanthropy and prosperity.
Once again, we are emphasising and re-emphasising the need for Africans to go back home and invest. It’s not about going on the occasional holiday but about going back and putting down something that is positively sustainable, particularly in Agriculture and the Financial Markets. Let also us use our remittances to create sustainable futures for our families by identifying and supporting social enterprise initiatives that can break the‚ remittance dependency’.

The Year 2012 is when Uganda celebrates its 50th Anniversary of Independence! At the age of 43, I recall very little that needs celebrating. However, the pride of being a Ugandan is what matters to me and of course, the good values passed on to me by my grannies in that I respect the cultural values of a Muganda man.

Especially this year I, together with other Ugandans can claim the right to be happy thanks to Stephen Kiprotich winning a Gold medal after 40 years of waiting. Those few minutes that culminated in Uganda’s victory put our country in the blinding limelight – and no amount of money could ever buy such an uplifting moment-thank you, our own Son of Uganda, Mr. Kiprotich!

This year we have been robbed of three great African leaders: the Presidents of Zambia, Ghana and Ethiopia’s own leader, Meles Zenawi, hailed for having turned Ethiopia’s economy into one of the strongest on the continent!

We are featuring a young Ugandan, Yahaya Kiyingi rising in the political realm of British politics.
I believe it is time for us to encourage fellow Africans to venture into politics, otherwise without political representatives in the British parliament we shall always remain sidelined.

During my recent visit to Uganda I met a team from a UK-based philanthropic body that supports the work of Ka Tutandike Uganda – a charity that is making strides to change the negative perception of charity simply being about dependency by the poor – and instead working towards promoting the development of social enterprises. If Africa wants to move from the marginalised state of poverty it is time to let its people engage in socially sustainable enterprises and break free from this cycle of poverty and dependency.

Fashion has often taken a big share of this issue of The Promota, and we are pleased to welcome a variety of fashion specialists to the team – and so to our loyal female readers, we would say that we are looking forward to giving you the best fashion tips from now on! In turn, you are invited to write in and ask those difficult questions you have always wondered about when it comes to finding the perfect outfit to suit your particular shape or mood. You are not alone in this, so don’t be shy!


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