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Publisher’s Letter – issue 32

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“Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present.” Roger Babson


Dear Readers,

In this issue, we showcase the vibrant and colourful fashion spirit of Africa. Many young fashion designers are rising on the African continent, claiming their rightful place next to Western designers.

I never tire of rejoicing at other people’s success, proof that Africa has an endless pool of talented and driven people who are determined to rise above the stereotyped image of Africa being ‘poor’!

This image is fading rapidly every day. But with success comes also more weighty responsibility. Again and again, when I witness success, I also observe how too many of us do not handle it well, when it comes to personality changes, and loss of integrity.

I love the word and concept of ‘humility’!  And I think success and humility should absolutely walk hand in hand in every human being. It is so very tempting to forget our humble beginnings, when we start tasting success, be it recognition or financial gain. Yet, embracing success without humility opens the door to an erroneous, and unjustified belief that we are ‘better’ or different, or more worthy than the others, who have not made it yet, and through such behaviour, we start to alienate ourselves from the very people who would otherwise give us their support without hesitation.

Being humble means that in the middle of our success, we still have time for others, we still can listen to their stories; we still can help them, talk to them, make a difference in their lives, and remain at their level.

There is not one human being on this planet who is above another. We are simply all traveling on different roads, all living our lives in our own very unique ways, and no path is greater or ‘above’ another!

So when we hit this stretch in the road that we would call ‘success’, let us first humbly remember that we have no grounds to take pride in it. Firstly, our success happens always thanks to the input of several other individuals, who believed in our vision and helped us achieve it; and secondly, success can be ephemeral too. Who are we going to be if success comes and goes, and we have shown only arrogance towards others whilst we rode the crest of success?  We will find our coming down to be a very lonely road indeed, where we will realise, too late, that the ones who could have remained our friends, preferred to leave us alone, repulsed by our pride and haughtiness.

I wish success to you all reading this letter, and I encourage you to make humility your dearest friend, as this invisible  friend will serve you particularly well at times when you need support and help in your life.

Warmest regards,

Willy Mutenza
+44 7950 285 493

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