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Queries still linger over Mayombo death

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Queries over the circumstances under which Brig. Noble Mayombo died resurfaced on the floor of Parliament yesterday after Tororo MP Geofrey Ekanya questioned the government’s curious silence over what led to the demise of the former Ministry of Defence Permanent Secretary.

Mr Ekanya told fellow MPs that he was raising the matter “in national interest”, and opened his submissions citing a news report by the East African Confidential, a local media outlet , which he said had named the killer of the maverick military officer.

“To this date, government has not come out publicly with information on the death of Brig. Mayombo,” said the MP, who stated that he had received phone calls from the Mayombo family prompting his inquest.

Brig. Mayombo died in May 2007 after succumbing to multiple organ failure. Following his death, President Museveni appointed Brig. James Mugira to head an inquiry but the probe report has not been released to date.

The MP said that friends and family were concerned that although the news report had reportedly named Brig. Mayombo’s alleged killer, no suspects have been summoned by the police for interrogation or officials of the publication which authored the story to substantiate the claims.

The MP said it was necessary that government came out to put an end to speculation about the death of the former spy chief. “We request the minister of Internal Affairs to explain….we need the truth and we need justice,” said Mr Ekanya.

Makindye West MP Hussien Kyanjo backed the request and said there was growing public perception that suggests the government selectively applies the law.

“The public watches in amazement when these reports go unchecked and individuals don’t get invited anywhere creating the view that maybe they are doing an assignment for a powerful entity,” he said.

In response, Minister Matia Kasaija implored the House to offer the government two weeks to prepare a statement on the thorny subject, a request that Speaker Edward Ssekandi declined to accept.

“It is really a pity that after we buried Mayombo we still raise issues. It has taken too long to have this case settled,” said Mr Kasaija. “As usual I promise this House; let’s go and dig out the reports and then come back and give you the correct story.”

Mr Kasaija said an official response will be ready on Tuesday next week.

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