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Questions raised over £1million pay-out to former Guantanamo detainee: Al-Qaeda ‘supergrass’ told U.S. that Feroz Abbasi was ‘sent to Afghanistan for jihad training’

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  • Feroz Abbasi was one of 16 who shared £20million Government pay-out
  • They claimed UK complicity with rendition, detention and torture by U.S.
  • New allegations have surfaced claiming Abbasi was working with al-Qaeda
  • The claims related to Abu Hamza's ongoing trial in New York

Taxpayers paid £1million to a suspected terrorist accused of going to al-Qaeda training camps and planning attacks on American and Jewish targets.

Feroz Abbasi was one of 16 men held at Guantanamo Bay who were paid a total of £20million compensation by the UK to settle claims of complicity in their rendition and detention.

U.S. forces captured the 34-year-old from Croydon, South London, in Afghanistan and held him in a series of secret prisons until finally releasing him from Guantanamo in 2005.



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