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Quote: ““The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.””

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Some people believe love is happening for no reason in between two people. It’s just happen and no exact reason or definition for that. So is that the way you think?

Yes…above conclusion may very true for very beginning of a love affair. It’s because at the very first site, we feel love just for first impression. That’s the romance. It happens automatically. But this reality may valid just for few days. Coz’ day by day we get to know each other in deeply. And this understanding will be the key for perfect long term love affair. In that case to keep this wonderful love in live, we need real concerns for sure. In shortly, when time is passing we need good reasons for this love to keep alive. Otherwise it never goes “automatically”.

Time may erode the feelings of care, love and concern in even the best of relationships. Sometime People stop doing the easy nice little things they used to do for each other because they’re too tired, or start waiting for the other person to do something nice first. Eventually, both people feel taken for granted and horribly lonely.
Many people think that love should not require any effort. But the truth is, love requires regular refinement of basic relationship skills. Skills such as listening with understanding, expressing feelings with kindness, and resolving conflict without lapsing into criticism. Couples use these relationship enhancement skills generously in the early stages of their relationship. Over time, however, people stop using their skills and rely more and more with increasing resentment on the hope of getting what they want. They stop doing what they gladly did at the beginning.
Some people thinks, “If I have to work so hard in love, something must be wrong with the relationship” or “Isn’t love supposed to be spontaneous?” never think in that way. It surely needs care and concern. Otherwise one day or another, your place in the relationship, may be taken by another person forever.

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