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The Promota magazine is a quarterly London published publication, issues ranging from business practices, innovations and opportunities, to finance, world affairs, community development, culture, personal development, inspiration, health and arts, to name a few.

Reach out to more Ugandans in Europe. 

I believe that it would be great for you to market your services to The Promota's readership which extends to more than 200,000, advertise your  business by way of either an advert or advertorial at affordable rates. 
The Promota has a sister company which specialises in Ethnic Marketing
and can also help you to carry out surveys, which will assist you
focus your marketing campaign to the Diaspora market here.
Please let me know of these so that I can contact them.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please do not hesitate to call our marketing us on Mobile: +447790 647 089

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