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Recourse for Rape?

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by The Progenitor

On ‘The Great March on Washington’, (August 1963) one of Bob Dylan’s anthems the 250,000 sang walking with Martin Luther King to deliver his historic speech “I have a Dream”, was “Times they are a-changing!” Their ultimate aim for Human Rights was for Civil Rights and Voting Rights. Even though some things have never changed, wouldn’t this be a fitting anthem for Zimbabwe, today?

Zimbabweans, too, had a dream during that period, seeded in WW2 in the jungles of Burma, where our own people were shipped to fight the Japanese; some lay buried there, whereas others returned to Rhodesia as experienced soldiers, wounded and weary, only to be offered employment as ‘cook boys’ or ‘garden boys’! It is sad that the British Legion does not remember these elderly Warvets every 11th November, who fought alongside their own! Even the Zimbabwe High Commissioner UK is not allowed to represent them for his country on Remembrance Day.

In 1980, shortly after the dream of Independence finally came to fruition with HRH lowering the Union flag on Rhodesia, President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, called for Separate Development in schools to be abolished. Here at last was a President who understood exactly what the people wanted! Sadly, three generations later many have quit, taking their children to be educated in Saint Elsewhere.

The women, who fought alongside the Freedom Fighters in Zimbabwe’s Revolution, were subsequently acknowledged for the role they played. However, in 2009 in the words of the Deputy Prime Minister, Arthur Mutambara, the country still needed to instil a value system of respect for women, i.e. paving the way for today’s Gender Equality in Zimbabwe.

On Friday 23rd October, 2009 in the Local News of The Herald, after the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development, the then Minister of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development, Dr. Olivia Muchena, revealed that the Government may “seriously” consider castration as a form of punishment for those who rape children. This too, was first considered in Malaysia during 2009, and today is Law in that country.

If Zimbabwe’s Parliament was 50% female MPs, would such a law protecting children, still be ignored? Is it because the idea of Castration for Rape is as abhorrent to men as it is for parents who have no recourse for the rape of their child? Saudi Arabia beheads rapists. (http://deathpenaltynews.blogspot.com/2012/07/execution-caught-on-video-in-saudi.html#ixzz3JGs3Ox5R).

How can anyone respect a parent who does not back a law for the recourse of rape of children? Every parent states emphatically that if their child were raped they would eliminate the rapist, but we seldom hear of parent taking the law into their own hands, or through the courts. (There are frantic media reports on the web of men who, for reasons best known to them, cut off their penises, but this is self-harming and a totally different subject.)

Castration worked for the historical eunuchs of Arabia guarding the women in harems. In Zimbabwe, humans do not think twice of castrating their pets – Vicious Guard dogs are put to stud but never castrated, so that ‘aggression’ remains its core character. Overseas, its considered by some as a form of removing the rights of their pets!

Rape of a child ruins the potential of almost every one of Zimbabwe’s future upstanding citizens. But breathing a word of this is anathema, and because no such Law was given further consideration – giving a broken, bleeding child confidence to turn to anyone who might pursue a legal recourse on their behalf, with the loss of innocence an abused child may ultimately become sullen, withdrawn and could even develop an inferiority complex.

Unfortunately, as a result of Sanctions affecting the economy, thousands of parents find work outside of Zimbabwe and without a father figure to fend for them, teenage girls who are vulnerable, are sometimes raped and fall pregnant. Their studies are disrupted so that their own future in Education is damaged, and their newborn begins its life seriously disadvantaged as a generation born out of Sanctions against Zimbabwe by the West. (Luke 17 v 1-3 spells it out in the scriptures.)

If only, at this time in our history, the law of castration could still be passed in Parliament, I am convinced that our children would lead more productive lives. Once identified, rapists should admit their guilt, apologise publicly to the families and victims, and in turn be surgically castrated. (Apparently chemical castration has a shelf life.) Life imprisonment, at the expense of tax payers, is the punishment for rape in the Republic of Moldova, but why should tax payers be responsible for Board/Lodging for such heinous crimes?

Surely, in this day and age where HIV is prevalent world-wide, such a law would make any rapist think twice before abusing boys and girls. Paedophilia in Europe and the West is rife, and it is still not too soon for President Mugabe to pass such a law, or will he leave it to the incoming President to take up the cudgels? As every Zimbabwean watches with baited breath to see into who will tread the red carpet in December, this is a reminder that 5 years ago the Visionaries, Mr Tongai Matutu (MDC-T), filed his proposal for rape against children, and Dr Muchena suggested that rape of a child should be treated as First Degree murder – but sadly this proposal was filed in Bin 13.

Zimbabwe could have made world history then, being the first state in Africa to recognise the Rights of the Child – the future of Zimbabwe! Often referred to as ‘making modern history’, Castration for Rape is now being taken very seriously in several countries, as detailed in the links hereunder.

It has always been my dream that H.E. Robert Gabriel Mugabe would be the first African Head of State to pass such a Law in Parliament. What would your dream be?

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