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Relationship Dilemmas: TIPS

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Why does he always text back after I leave him a voice mail?
Men’s goal is “fast,” so to them, it’s the most direct way to stay in touch with you.

It’s been five years and he hasn’t proposed to me yet. Bad sign?
Not always. Unless you spell out when you expect that ring, he’ll assume you’re okay with the status quo.

I cheated, but I want to stay together. Do I confess?
No. Figure out why you did it, then put your effort into fixing that aspect of the relationship.
Should I play hard to get even if we’ve been dating for a few years?
Sometimes. It maintains a sense of mystery that keeps him panting. But once he tests the cake he might change.

My mom doesn’t like him. Should I listen to her?
If her opinion is backed up by your best friend, brother, and co-worker, then yes.

I’m a graduate; he didn’t go to school. Can our relationship still work?
If you admire his intelligence and drive, then his degree level doesn’t matter.

Do guys play hard to get?
Not really. When a man acts uninterested, he usually is.

I feel like the spark is gone. Should we break up?
Sometimes you’re just in a rut. Go on adventurous dates, try new stuff in bed, and re-evaluate in a month.

What’s the secret to making a long-distance relationship work?
Communicating daily, even if it’s just a quick e-mail.

He’s in his early 30s, and I’m in my mid-50s. Can it work?
Yes, if you aren’t living different lifestyles and if you have similar goals.

Is it healthy to never fight?
Yes, if you still acknowledge and talk out disagreements and don’t behave as if they don’t exist.

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