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Relationship is about COMPROMISE – Reader’s letter

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Dear Editor allow me to thank you for your resourceful magazine, and I enjoyed the review on Steve Harvey book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man “. Steve Harvey’s book is just a good resource. Me and my lady read it in one day together and we laughed and had a good time envisioning Steve Harvey teaching us the real deal. Also, my girlfriend has been to a few of Allison Armstrong’s seminars and we are planning to go to the couples seminar so we can get more empowered as a team, and also to sharpen our skills in the business of relationships.

Think of a relationship with someone as if it were a business contract. If you happen to get serious, discuss the terms & conditions beforehand, and if there is a breach in contract, let the other person know when it happens so it may be less likely to happen again. Also, do your part and hold the other person accountable and try to hold their hand less and let them be themselves. That is the ingredients of a good relationship and a potential marriage. If you can’t abide by that and COMPROMISE, then all is lost, ladies!

Rachel Namutebi – USA

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