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Rev Run’s Renovation returns this January for a second season of luxurious home additions and changes. The reality show follows Rev Run (Joseph Simmons) and his family as they negotiate, plan, and bring to life new concepts for their mansion.

But it’s about more than showing off — Rev Run says “We get to share our family values with fans and other home renovation enthusiasts by letting people observe our home transformations.” In season one, the family had to deal with all the headaches that come along with home renovation, which was empathized with by any homeowners watching. The show was a huge hit because of this.

In season two, Rev Run, his wife Justine, and their kids, Diggy, Russell, and Miley will team up with professionals to tackle the large, unused, basement. The goal? Make it the ultimate family-fun zone. Projects include, a unique bowling alley, a pool house, and a secret theatre.

Rev admits, “it’s going to be a long road to get our house where we want it, but we’re willing to work together and stick it out until we get there.”


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