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Revealed – Miliband’s Romanian beggar: 14-year-old says she lives off £5 a day and that Labour leader (who ‘dropped 60 or 70p’ in her cup) was ONLY man in a suit to stop!

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  • Rebeca State came to England from Romania two years ago 
  • She lives with her aunt as her parents were forced to return home 
  • She makes just £5 a day begging on the streets of Manchester 
  • She said Ed Miliband dropped ’60p or 70p’ in her cup and was a ‘nice person’
  • He was accused of looking awkward and failing to look her in the eye
  • Follows his clumsy attempt at eating a bacon sandwich earlier this year
Mr Miliband was widely mocked for the photographs which showed him grimacing while giving money 

Just 14 years old and begging on the streets of Manchester instead of going to school, this is the girl who Ed Miliband was accused of giving just 2p to last week.

Rebeca State came to England from Romania with her mother and father two years ago in search of a better life.

But she makes just £5 a day begging and has lived with her aunt since her parents Ion and Marioara were forced to return to their hometown of Tandarai when her mother fell ill.

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