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Review: Lotus Evora’S Sports Racer

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When you think of Formula 1 racing, heritage and Champions, there is one British name that tends to come to mind. This particular company comes from a small town in England called Norfolk. In the 60’s and 70’s when Grand Prix racing was a life threatening sport this team could be seen battling it out on circuits such as Spa Francorchamps, Zandvoort and the Hockenheimring for the world championships. If ever there was a David vs Goliaths scenario this was it. Larger Teams from europe with a considerable workforces and comfortable finances against a small home run firm with a handful of staff on a very tight budget.

Time and time again those British racing green cars in the 60’s then Black and Gold cars in the 70’s would be first to the Chequered flag taking numerous World championships from 1963 to 1978. Their secret was a combination of innovation, risk and determination, all led by the late Colin Chapman. Now, over forty years later and after some difficult times Lotus is having a resurgence not only in Formlua 1 but also with its road cars.

Victorious in the first race of the season (Australia) the British firm from Norfolk have risen to the challenge and produced The Lotus Evora S Sports Racer. Originally launched in 2009 Lotus have made over 150 changes to this car concentrating on quality for their customers inside and out.

What you get for a little under £67000 is a fully loaded, spectacular looking premium sports car, with performance to match.
It comes in either naturally aspirated or supercharged S versions, (the latter being the one to choose) and four new colours, Aspen White, Carbon Grey, Nightfall Blue and Ardent Red all highlighted by tastefully placed black trim. Extras also include a Sports pack (sharper throttle response for track days), a Tech pack (Upgraded stereo, multifunction USB connection and tyre pressure monitors) and an upgraded suede interior courtesy of a Premium Sport Pack.)
The Evora  is really very comfortable inside but you never forget that you are in a true Sports car in every sense of the word. Your seated slightly offset and the cabin is simple but functional. Dials are easy to read and controls adjust quite well but it doesn’t really have that familiar solid “German” feel to it. However, all becomes apparent when you fire up the 345bhp V6 Supercharged engine and set off. The ride is simply exquisite, excellent steering and great acceleration on track and on real roads very user friendly.

You realise that you are now driving a car which has had years of F1 experience designed into it and you are now putting all this to the test. A test which any real driver would agree to this car passing with flying colours. This is what Lotus stands for and it has raised the bar quite significantly with this model in all departments. However, by doing that it brings it directly into the firing line of those offerings from Stuttgart and Munich. No doubt the Evora S Sports racer is going to have some tough challenges ahead, but if you want a truly affordable supercar which will make you smile every time you look at it knowing that you have a real Formula 1 background then you need to look no further.
It’s very interesting to note that, in 2011 the Carabinieri in Rome, were looking to promote the city and themselves with an exceptional car which represented style, speed and head turning ability. The city was offered a variety of vehicles and it was expected that they would chose something home made. Guess what the Italians chose?…..A Lotus Evora!


  • Lotus Evora S Sports Racer
  • Price £66,850 0-60 mph 4.6 secs Top speed 172mph Economy 29.3mpg (combined), CO2 229g/km, Kerb weight 1463kg, Engine V6 3456cc, supercharged, petrol. Power 345bhp at 7000rpm. Torque 295lb ft at 4500rpm. Gearbox 6 speed manual.

by Dr Charan Naidoo

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