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Royal Palms estate sets high standards in Uganda

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Kampala, Uganda-Royal Palms Estates Butabika sales have hit over 80% in the last two years as buyers take up the uniquely designed homes.  
The estate is located approximately nine kms from Kampala's city centre atop Butabika Hill on 150 acres of prime land.
Nationwide Properties, a joint venture between Mukwano Industries Limited and Property services Limited, embarked on what is hoped to be one of many projects of its kind; the development of  a housing estate of approx 1300 affordable homes.

Construction of the estate started March 2007. The Royal Palms estate phase 1A; Aries Court comprising 83 houses was completed early 2009. The houses within Aries Court range in design, style, size and pricing. The General Manager, Mr Sarangan says the Royal Palms scheme offers a range of housing styles and designs ranging from three to five bedrooms, detached and semi detached units with prices varying from US$80,000 to US$225,000.

A five-bedroom detached house goes for US$225,000. A four bedroom house goes between US$159,500 and US$169,500 while a three bedroom house goes for US$119,500.
 "We came here in October 2010. I thought we were few, but within a short period of time people have bought most of the houses" one occupant says.
Royal Palms houses are built in clusters encouraging communal interaction and guaranteeing  security.

Other than housing the project will offer other amenities. Nationwide Properties is set to complete a centre by end of September 2011 and should be up and running shortly thereafter.  
The centre brings together a number of luxurious social amenities offering an experience of impeccable lifestyle.  These services include a high-end health and sports centre, a bar, a rejuvenating massage parlour, a relaxing pool and children's play area making it a sanctuary away from home. It covers a total built up area of 4,200 sq metres, and multi-purpose hall for conference and reception needs. 

The Royal Palms Leisure Centre also boasts of a shopping complex housing a cafe, grocery and bakery, pharmacy, and Automated Teller Machines (ATM's).  When complete the Royal palms estate will be home to over 1000 families. It is hoped that the Royal Palms project will become a model that can be replicated throughout the nation, and eventually improve the general lifestyle and standard of living of the Ugandan people. 

The scheme further has a planned mother-infant care hospital, which will meet an area in the medical field otherwise much neglected. Estate officials say the construction of these additional amenities is scheduled to commence within the year "It is hoped that the project will become a model that can hopefully be replicated throughout the nation and eventually improve the general lifestyle and standard of living of the Ugandan people," says Sarangan.
According to Uganda's National Housing and Construction Company (NHCC ), Kampala requires an additional 800,000 housing units.
NHCC's plans to build 8,728 housing units by 2014 is a much-need step, as it seeks to alleviate the pressure for housing resulting from a growing and increasingly urbanised population.
Government's plan of building 4,000 units per year will certainly boost the country's housing deficit.

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