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Russia fires its first shots in Crimea as soldiers warn off Ukrainian troops advancing

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  • Dozen Russian soldiers fired warning shots at unarmed Ukrainian troops
  • Standoff took place as 300 Ukrainian soldiers marched to Belbek air base
  • The Ukrainians were employed at air base before Russians seized control
  • Stand-off comes as both Russia and Ukraine send warships towards Crimea

Unarmed: The Ukrainian servicemen (pictured) were not carrying weapons when the warning shots from Russian troops were fired. They were previously employed at the air base


Russian troops in control of the Belbek air base in Crimea fired warning shots into the air as around 300 Ukrainian soldiers, who previously manned the airfield, demanded their jobs back.

About a dozen Russian soldiers at the base warned the Ukrainians, who were marching unarmed, not to approach.

They fired several warning shots into the air and said they would shoot the Ukrainians if they continued to advance.
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