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Rwanda Film Festival Promises More in 2013

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AFTER the two week Rwanda Film Festival (RFF) that started upcountry and a five day run of movie premiers in Kigali, crowned with a gala night that involved awarding certificates to graduates of the Civil Society and Silverback Awards, Kwetu Films in association with Rwanda Cinema Centre are working tooth and nail to have a bigger and broader Rwanda Film Festival.

Founder of the Kwetu Films, Eric Kabera says the film festival, under the theme “Our mothers Our heroes” is meant to celebrate achievements of not just Rwandan mothers but African mothers at large.

“The festival will not just be an ordinary screening but an event that will last. It’s not just meant to last for the time its due but to stay with people long after it’s done,” he said.

Romeo Umulisa, the coordinator of the Rwanda Film Festival and former student of Kwetu films says the 2013 Rwanda Film Festival will be able to compete on an international spectrum by not only screening in theatres but also streaming them online.

“The idea is to introduce movies at all possible angles that people here in Rwanda are not accustomed to. There is a poor theatre culture in Rwanda and that is why we want to bring films,” he said.

Umulisa added that during the month of July, the Rwanda Film Festival will shake up the city with different activities related to film.

The festival that runs for two weeks will still run for the same time but this time with more screenings.

Among many other workshops that will run as part of the Rwanda Film Festival just like in previous years, a workshop for journalists will also be part of this festival which will basically give them insight and a lot more to discuss on the event.

By Patrick Buchana, 3 January 2013

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