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Sierra Leone: President Ernest Bai Koroma ‘No Prosperity Without Innovative Citizens’

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President Ernest Bai Koroma has said that Sierra Leone cannot grow without being environmentally friendly, and that prosperity can only be achieved with innovative citizens.

The president made this statement while opening a three-day multi-sectoral consultative dialogue conference on science and technology and associated innovative processes needed to support the transformation of agriculture, fisheries and industrial development in Sierra Leone, at the Bintumani conference centre in Freetown.

He said with the enormous water resources and vast stretch of arable land, Sierra Leone is a prime candidate for development and industrial growth propelled by the agricultural sector.

"Our traditional cultures are moulded by the experiences of the farm; the livelihood of 60% of our people depends on agriculture, but we face many challenges in ensuring that our fertile agro-ecologies yield prosperity for our society," said President Koroma.

"That is why I am very honoured to be here today at this conference to set out our vision for environment, science, technology and innovation in promoting agriculture, fisheries and industrial development in Sierra Leone. No growth is sustainable without being environmentally friendly, no country can prosper without innovative citizens, and no sector, from agriculture to fisheries and industry, can be competitive in our global society without taking advantage of the best in science and technology."


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