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Singer Chameleone demonstrates over passport

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By Eddie Ssejjoba    

Singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone Thursday caused commotion at the Tanzanian High Commission in Kampala when he camped at the main entrance demanding for his passport.

He slept on a mattress outside the commission along Kagera Road at about 3.00am and covered himself with a blanket and sheets till day break.

Members of the Leone Island group joined Chameleone and waved placards demanding that the commission intervenes to secure his passport and that of his artists. The others include his DJ Sulaiman Kaliisa and Denis Kibalama.

The police commanded by the commander of the Central Police Station, James Ruhweza sealed off the place and engaged the artists for some time, and asked them to leave the place but they refused.

The IGP, Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura intervened in the fracas and summoned Chameleone and his group to Muyenga Community Police post.

A convoy of bodaboda riders accompanied Chameleon hooting and chanting his name along the way.

The IGP contacted his counterpart in Tanzania to help secure the passports from a businessman, one Erick Chigongo.

Chigongo confiscated the passports after Chamelone’s performance in Dar es Salaam on July 7 alleging that he had paid 3500 US dollars to Chameleone to perform at a show but never showed up, which Chameleone refuted. The singer and his group secured temporally travel documents to return home.

But two weeks later, the police in Kampala arrested a man, George Mugabe after Chameleone complained that he had impersonated his manager and picked money on his behalf. The suspect was later released.

Kayihura promised to follow the matter but asked Chameleone to abandon his demonstration. The commission remained closed throughout the day.

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