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Special honour for young people at Zim Achievers

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Nominations for the 2014 edition of the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) are now open and organisers have announced a brand new award to honour 10 young achievers who distinguished themselves in various endeavours over the past year.

Now in its fourth year, the annual ZAA celebrates the achievements of Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom and elsewhere across 19 categories ranging from business to music and sport. Members of the public are encouraged to select the potential award winners across the categories via the Zimachievers website. The deadline for nominations will be announced soon.

On the special recognition earmarked for the 10 young achievers, founder and Executive Director of ZAA, Conrad Mwanza said by honouring young people, ZAA is saluting their sterling efforts in promoting and consolidating a culture of success among the youth, who are the future of our community and country.

“Very often we underestimate the challenges that our young people face, being from an immigrant community. For them to not only establish firm and secure identities for themselves, but also strive for distinction in their chosen endeavours is inspirational both to their peers and the community at large. So this year we would like to lift up these young people and recognise them for their contributions to a culture of success and achievement in our community,” Mwanza added.

Members of the public are also encouraged to nominate young people whose achievements they are aware of for this special award.

ZAA has over the years come into its own as the premier awards show for Zimbabweans in the UK and also as a vehicle to promote corporate social responsibility through supporting charitable causes. This year’s event will fall on the 19th of April and will thus serve as the high point of celebrations to mark Zimbabwe’s 34thindependence anniversary.





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