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Spoon-fed babies are ‘more likely to become obese’ because their bodies don’t recognise when they are full

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Babies who are spoon-fed by their parents are more likely to become overweight, a new study has revealed.

They are also more likely to have problems telling when they are full.

Scientists believe babies allowed to feed themselves during weaning are less likely to overeat and be overweight as toddlers.

Their study also revealed that spoon-fed children are more likely to be ‘fussy-eaters’ than those left to eat on their own.

Dr Amy Brown, from Swansea University, said parents who spoon-feed their children puréed foods create harmful eating habits which lead to childhood obesity.

She said: ‘Our study indicates that taking a baby-led approach to weaning may reduce a baby’s risk of being overweight as they are in control of their food intake. READ MORE

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