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State loses case against Buganda riot suspects

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By Vision Reporter

High Court Judge Ralph Ochan Monday dismissed terrorism charges against the eleven Buganda riots suspects.

He said prosecution has failed to adduce incriminating evidence before the court against the accused.

Justice Ralph Ochan in his ruling said that all the 11 police officers failed to give any evidence pinning the suspects that they participated in the act of terrorism and they could not bring any exhibit of the burnt remains.

Ochan added that there was violation of the suspects rights when the police detained them beyond the 48 hours provide by the constitution.

Ochan has ordered the prison to release the 11 suspects:  Nsubuga Kamada, Meddie Nsubuga, Musigha Musafalu, Mujjuni Elisaa among others.

Defence lawyer Apollo Makubuya said they are planning to sue the government for illegal detention and prosecution the suspects.

Initially, 25 men were indicted on allegations that they burnt down Nateete Police Station in 2009 during a massive uprising that engulfed the city of Kampala after the Katikkiro of Buganda, John Baptist Walusimbi, had been blocked from going to Kayunga in Buegerere county to prepare for the Kabaka’s visit in September 2009.

However, the DPP dropped the charge against the 14 men, saying he was no longer interested in proceeding with the charge against them and the court also freed them.

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