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Study: Technology has made us more productive, but we work longer hours

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The Pew Research Center peered into the lives of Internet workers — “online adults who also have full- or part-time jobs in any capacity” — and came away with some interesting insights.

According to the study, published Tuesday, 92% of people surveyed say the Internet hasn’t hurt their productivity. Of that number, 46% feel it has made them more productive and 46% say they’ve felt no change.

However, it appears that great productivity comes at a price — increased work hours. Pew says 35 percent of online workers have experienced an increase in the amount of hours they work.

Maybe it’s all the extra email they’re sending out — 61% of those surveyed said email was “very important” for getting the job done. Oddly, only 54% say the Internet is “very important.”

And when it comes to social media, a vast majority of people don’t think it’s helping them do their work. Only 4% of Internet workers said social networking sites were “very important” for their job.

Of course, that could have something to do with bosses blocking all the good stuff. 46% of those surveyed said their boss blocked access to some websites.

You can check out the full report at Pew’s web site.

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