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Supermalt is Getting that Christmas Feeling

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Supermalt is launching Christmas campaigns to thank its consumers for many years’ loyalty and wishing them an excellent Christmas. The marketing campaign, with its revamped brand identity, encourages consumers to enjoy good times with friends and family and stock up for the festive season. The campaign revolves around the brand’s iconic bottle that continues to attract and excite all generations. The campaign brand’s ‘passion colors’ will be displayed in key sites, designed to tap into the community’s vibrant energy, celebratory nature and Afro-Caribbean and African cultures.


Supermalt aims to give a modern feel while retaining the brand’s core identity and emphasizing the importance of the iconic bottle. This is just the beginning of a massive campaign lined up for 2013 as Supermalt looks to engage meaningfully, attract, interact and reward consumers. The coming year will be packed with an array of different marketing activities, trade events, outreach activities; there will be something for everyone.


The loyalty of the consumers comes from a passion for the brand’s mission, experience and products. The brand aims to play an active role in the African and Afro-Caribbean community by sponsoring and taking part in a variety of events and festivals, as well as generally contributing to the lifestyle of the community.

Supermalt has a balance of carbohydrates for instant absorption and long lasting energy, and it is lightly carbonated to quench thirst, whether partying, working, studying, playing, doing sports or simply having a good time and resting.


Ingrid Falch, Marketing Manager of Malts, Royal Unibrew said, “We want to reward our consumers and reinforce our brand identity. So many exciting things are going to happen and we wanted to start during Christmas as this the time
when family and friends come together. Supermalt has always been part of these good times”.


2013 will be packed with exciting activities and events for Supermalt. All the campaigns will be actively supported by digital marketing. Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms will offer chances to win many prizes and take part in competitions throughout the year. It’s going to be an incredible journey with Supermalt. Fans and consumers simply need to stay tuned.

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