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Survey identifies three biggest constraints to doing business in Africa

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Unreliable or insufficient electricity, corruption and difficulty in getting bank loans are the three biggest constraints to doing business in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the Africa Survey 2014 released recently by Good Governance Africa (GGA).The Africa Survey is a comprehensive annual collection of social, political and economic indicators for the continent’s 55 countries, compiled from a wide range of sources.

More than 45 percent of firms in sub-Saharan Africa said the lack of reliable electricity was a major problem.

More than half of firms in Gambia (54 percent), Guinea (64 percent) and Nigeria (64 percent) said it was the single biggest obstacle to their business.

Firms in sub-Saharan Africa also cited getting a bank loan (42 percent) and corruption (43 percent) as major obstacles to doing business.

Only in Angola did the largest number of firms (29 percent) identify corruption as the single greatest constraint to business.

More than 40 percent of companies in Cà´te d’Ivoire (45 percent), Malawi (46 percent), Mali (44 percent) and Zimbabwe (47 percent) cited getting credit as the single biggest obstacle to business.

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