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How to Take Care of African Briton Hair

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African American hair has a very unique structure. It has greater elasticity and curl than other types of hair. These differences create a varying thickness in the hair follicle itself, going from thick to thin and back to thick again. Over treatment and rough handling tend to weaken the strands at the thin points causing hair breakage. There are a wide variety of hair breakage products to help reduce, repair, and prevent damage to your hair.

Understanding Hair Breakage

Hair breakage occurs when the hair follicle is weakened due to over processing or harsh styling. Many of the products used to relax, color, or style African American hair contain harsh chemicals that damage the hair strand and alter the chemical makeup of your hair. Breaks usually occur when the middle layer of the hair follicle is damaged. Heat styling, such as hot air blow drying, flat irons, and curling irons dry out and damage the hair making it more vulnerable to breaks as well. Finding the right hair breakage products to add to your hair care regimen is vital to having a head of strong, healthy hair.

Easy Steps to Healthier Hair

Starting a healthier hair care routine is vital to preventing hair breakage, and taking care of your hair to prevent breakage is simple. Here areseveral easy steps to create healthier, more vibrant looking hair. Wash your hair about once a week with a moisturizing shampoo that is sulfate free. Use a clarifying shampoo that removes built up hair products once a month. Long term buildup of hair product can prevent your hair from absorbing moisture and gaining the full benefit of hair breakage products and protein treatments. Always condition your hair after every wash. Try to avoid rough handling and aggressive styling. Use a soft brush or wide toothed comb and avoid tight hairstyles. Last but not least, use of the hair breakage products which contains a combination of proven ingredients that will help prevent hair breakage.

Types of Hair Breakage

There are several different types of hair breakage. The most commonly seen types are split ends, chemical, and heat breakage. Split ends happen to everyone and are caused most often by heat styling, towel drying, over combing, and poor diet. Chemical hair breakage is caused by relaxing, straightening, or coloring your hair. These treatments contain harsh chemicals that weaken the hair strands and allow them to split. Decreasing the frequency of chemical treatments greatly reduces hair breakage. Heat treatment weakens the hair by drying out and damaging the outer layer of the hair follicle. By using a hair breakage product most types of hair breakage can be prevented.

Preventing Hair Breakage

It is best to start a treatment with hair breakage products as soon as you notice broken hair. Hair breakage products come in a wide variety from salon treatments, to at home treatments and even ones you can make yourself. Hair breakage products are widely available and can be found at your local beauty supply store, salon or grocery store. The most commonly seen hair breakage products are moisturizers and deep conditioners, hot oil treatments, and protein treatments. There is a difference between moisturizers, conditioners, and hot oil or protein treatments. Moisturizers and conditioners allow the hair to regain its normal hydration levels making it smooth and silky. Hot oil and protein treatments provide vital nutrients to your hair, making it strong and shiny. There are also several hair breakage products available that offer a combination of protein treatment and deep conditioning.

The process of applying hair breakage products does not vary much from salon to at home method. The treatment is applied to damp hair and covered with a plastic cap. The hair breakage product is then left in the hair for a set period of time during which it can be treated with a warm dryer or just left to sit.

Preventing hair breakage and taking care of your hair is easy. Remember to use a moisturizing shampoo that removes hair product buildup and condition after every wash. Avoid rough styling or over processing your hair with harsh chemicals. Make sure to moisturize and nourish your hair with hair breakage products containing proven ingredients. Soon you will be on the road to strong, healthy hair.

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