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Teenage CBBC star ‘stabbed to death outside nightclub by man who then fled to Nigeria on brother’s passport’

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  • Carl Beatson-Asiedu, 19, was stabbed to death outside a nightclub in 2009
  • Suspected killer Jeffrey Okafor, 24, had confessed to his girlfriend
  • He then then went on the run to Nigeria for five years until last November

The suspected killer of a teenage CBBC star confessed to his girlfriend before fleeing to Nigeria on his brother’s passport, a court has heard.

Jeffrey Okafor, 24, of East Dulwich, south east London, is accused of stabbing Carl Beatson-Asiedu to death outside a nightclub in the summer of 2009.

The 19-year-old victim, known as DJ Charmz, had been leaving the Club Life Nightclub in Vauxhall’s Goding Street, in London, with a group of friends after performing a set when a group of men approached them, the court heard.

Opening the trial, Sarah Whitehouse QC, prosecuting, told Woolwich Crown Court that three people had been specifically targeted in the attack including Mr Beatson-Asiedu, a Francis Xavier College student who appeared in CBBC spy show MI High.

Peter Lama, also 19, was stabbed in the buttock by Okafor’s friend Abu Mansaray while Jermaine Coker was chased by Junior Ademujimi-Falade but escaped.

Mr Lama managed to return to the club, where bouncers locked the doors and called the police.

Minutes later, Mr Beatson Asiedu was seen staggering along Goding Street before collapsing in the road.

His friends bundled him into the back of a car and rang for an ambulance, but police stopped the speeding vehicle as they struggled to find St Thomas’ Hospital.

He was pronounced dead at 5.36am, with a post-mortem examination concluding that he had died from a single stab-wound to his heart.

Ms Whitehouse said: ‘Carl Beatson wasn’t so fortunate.’

‘The prosecution say that Jeffrey Okafor was the person who drew a knife, stabbed him and killed him.’

Okafor, who had no connection with his alleged victim, had been at the club with Ademujimi-Falade and another friend Bolaji Kako-Are.

Ms Whitehouse continued: ‘Junior Flade and Bolaji Kako-Are had also attended Francis Xavier College – the same college as Carl Beatson and Peter Lama.

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