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Thank you…from the UK Ugandan Convention 2011

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The Uganda UK Convention wishes to express its deepest thanks to all its delegates and speakers for attending the convention and for their outstanding presentations on the day. The important messages that they shared have contributed to the tremendous success of the day, and have been instrumental in meeting the goals and objectives of the Convention.

Thanks go also to all Commissioners and Ambassadors from Europe, business delegates, community and enterprise leaders, professionals from Europe and Uganda and representatives of the voluntary sector and all other exhibitors who have showcased Uganda on the day, and who have paved the way forward for an enhanced and enriched communication between members of the Ugandan Diaspora and Uganda itself, and have also, undoubtedly brought Ugandans in the UK closer together.

Thanks go also to all visitors, who through their attendance have acknowledged the crucial role that the Diaspora has to play in the development of Uganda, and with whom, a definite way forward can now be etched to fully participate in Ugandan affairs in a most fruitful and successful way.

Thanks go to all volunteers who helped on the day and whose support and contribution are highly appreciated.

And thanks to all those, too many to mention, who, in one way or another, have given their encouragement and shared ideas to make this first ever Uganda UK Convention a truly outstanding success.

Thank you all.

Willy Mutenza – Chairman

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