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The 12,400 mile superhighway from Britain to America: Plans proposed for VERY ambitious road across Russia

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  • Trans-Eurasian Belt Development would span half globe’s circumference
  • Would link western edge of Russia to the Bering Strait and then Alaska
  • Joining road networks in Europe and Asia, would link UK to United States
  • Russian Academy of Science put forward plan to President Vladimir Putin
  • Current longest road in the world is Australian Highway 1 at 9,000 miles


Britain could be linked with America by road as part of an ambitious project to create the world’s longest superhighway spanning half the circumference of the globe.

Proposals have been put forward to build the mega route stretching about 12,400 miles from the western edge of Russia to the Bering Strait where the country nudges Alaska.

Linking into existing road networks in Europe and Asia, for the first time it would allow travellers a proper highway to drive all way from the UK to the United States.

A Trans-Siberian rail link as well as oil and gas pipes would run alongside the highway, and plans have been mooted already for a rail tunnel connecting the far flung Russian region of Chukotka – where football tycoon Roman Abramovich once served as governor – and Alaska.

While roads exist across much of Russia some are of dismal quality, especially in the east of the country.

Among these is the notorious Road of Bones built by Stalin’s political prisoners.

This new scheme is seen as a way of turning Russia into a global transportation hub, a bridge between Europe, Asia and North America, so revitalising the Russian economy and attracting new tourism.

Vladimir Fortov, the Head of the Russian Academy of Science, recently put forward the uncosted plan dubbed the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development (TEPR) to President Vladimir Putin.

‘The project is very ambitious and expensive, but it will solve many problems in the development of the vast region,’ he said, according to The Siberian Times.

The current longest continuous road in the world is found in Australia, where Highway 1 runs around the entire country and spans some 9,000 miles.

In Russia the Trans-Siberian Highway network is more than 6,800 miles long, meaning the new road would become the biggest and longest ever built, with additional sections in the west and east.

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