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The Apprentice Winner 2010 Stella English Sues Lord Sugar ‘For Wrecking Her Life’

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Former The Apprentice winner Stella English couldn't believe her luck when she won a role alongside business tycoon Lord Sugar, but the job wasn't all it seemed – Stella is suing Lord Sugar after the show nearly "wrecked her life".

The 32-year-old former bank executive won the £100,000-per-year post as Lord Sugar's apprentice when she triumphed on series six of the series in 2010.

However, Stella sensationally quit the placement in September 2011, just two months shy of completing her contract, telling boss Lord Sugar: "I don't give a s**t."

Stella is so unhappy with her experience she is bringing legal proceedings against Lord Sugar for constructive dismissal – a challenge being contested.

The professional hoped working in such a high profile role would help boost her career, but Stella, who has launched a fashion line, insists she is now worse off after gaining no real skills and spending too long away from the banking industry.

She told the Daily Mail: "Even if I'd wanted to I couldn't go back to banking because I'd been out of the market too long and lost my qualifications. And I'd effectively taken several steps back down the ladder. 10 years' worth really. It was very frustrating."

Following her win, a disappointed Stella was made project manager of a number of IT projects but claims she would never had applied for the role if it had been advertised.

She said: "It was way beneath my abilities and I was totally over-qualified for it. It was like turning the clock back 10 years."
The former reality star handed in her resignation before she was offered another role by head honcho Lord Sugar – as Commercial Manager of YouView, a company which produces television set-top boxes with an internet connection.

But Stella carried through another resignation before completing her contract, claiming Lord Sugar was absent from her professional life following the show.

However, she doesn't hold her experience against the former Amstrad impresario personally.

She said: "In a funny way this isn't about Lord Sugar. Odd as it sounds, I do quite like him as an individual – he can be
quite funny and quite charming, and in a way I wish I'd spent more time with him – that he'd taken me under his wing more.

"If he had, I don't think I would be in this situation. What I experienced had very little to do with him – and that was the problem."

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