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The British female terror groupies queuing up to marry jihad fighters in Syria

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An increasing number of British women are travelling to war-torn Syria to marry jihadists from the UK, with some seeing them as leading a ‘perfect life’.

Many are thought to be marrying jihadists on the internet, as strict Islamic code forbids unmarried women to travel alone, according to researchers at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King’s College, London.

Exact numbers are difficult to pinpoint, but the research centre believes that dozens of British women have married English-speaking jihadists – or are trying to – according to chatter that it monitors on forums.

It knows of two women from Portsmouth, one from London and one from Surrey who definitely have married English-speaking men fighting for opposition forces.

It said that one is a convert and that two were married prior to departure, with the other two marrying on arrival in Syria.


Women from other countries have also gone to Syria to be with jihadists – two from France, who both married jihadists before they left for the war, one from Sweden, one from Serbia, one from the Philippines and one from Germany.

What gives away the women’s intentions are the questions they pose to the fighters.

Researcher Shiraz Maher told The Times: ‘The thing that is interesting is the staggering extent to which so many women are asking questions. We think it is pretty significant.’
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