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The Core of Raw Beauty is Raw Skin Food

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The next generation of skincare

The brand’s unique selling point and premium benchmark standard is that there are less than 5 ingredients in each product. With 3 ranges suitable for dry, oily and sensitive skins, Raw Skin Food uses nothing but Fruit and Vegetable butters, floral waters and essentials and that’s it. Not even synthetic replicas or plant-derived preservatives make it into their handmade products. The brands mantra is: Feed your skin its 5 a day, in the purest way.

Celebrity Fans: Raw Skin Food has been making waves amongst the skin care savvy, including a sea of loyal Celebrity fans such as  Alexandra Boyd, Cathy Tyson, Rudolph Walker OBE’s wife Dionne Alexandra, Alise Willis and Michelle Ryan. Raw Skin Food has a certification from the Vegan Society.

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