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The Demolition Crew

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Throughout the whole of human history, no saint or prophet lived as a member of the demolition crew for very long, if at all. Some did take out a temporary membership then abandoned it once they built a very close bond with God. Members of the demolition crew come in very many guises. One cannot tell that they are a member until one sees them in action, where all that is revealed is an ugly truth So who belongs to the demolition crew? The word demolition says it all. The crew members are people who demolish. And what do they demolish and how? The people start by demolishing their own integrity. With the voice of their own consciousness out of the way, they proceed to demolish other people’s integrity, reputation, work, positions of trust, aspiration in life, nobility and other laudable plans and intentions. Armed with spite, revenge, jealousy, hatred and envy, members of the demolition crew advance with a fearsome arsenal to wreak havoc along their paths. They demolish by telling lies, spreading destructive rumours, sabotaging community projects, pitting people against each other, enticing discord and hatred, slowing down and frustrating progress, embezzling funds or blatantly stealing them. They can go as far as wilfully and knowingly infect another human being with the HIV virus and even kill a person who is considered a hindrance to their pursuit of personal gain or to their plans of sabotaging. Demolition crews can be found anywhere is the world. But developing countries hold the highest membership and Uganda is certainly not spared. Members of the demolition crew render a very bad service to humanity as a whole and their nation in particular. They slow down progress towards a more equitable and happier world. They demolish opportunities for people to build a more prosperous life for themselves. They perpetuate or even engender prejudices and intolerance, which destroy human lives. It is time, right now, for every member of the demolition crew to surrender their membership for ever and disband the crew altogether. It is time now for all former members to take up a new membership with the creation and restoration crew. To the creation and restoration crew belong people such as Jesus Christ, Buddah,  Bahá’u’lláh, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela and many, many more. Take up a membership right now and dwell among the wisest and most loving souls ever to walk this earth. Your demolishing days and deeds have come to an end.

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