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The EU Pandora Box

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Executive Director, Adolph Bagonza

PANDOR (Potential Applicant Data On-Line Registration) is now the gateway to over    € 3 Billion in grant money distributed among almost 50 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.  This new form of registration is required for entrepreneurs and even potential partners wishing to take part in bids for funding opportunities in ACP countries. 

The European Commission is currently changing its administrative methods to enable organisations in the private sector using funding support to participate in project development and trade in most developing countries of the world.   An EU-Africa dialogue has reviewed the European Development Fund for that continent.  Private contractors can now have better access to grant aid for their projects in sub Saharan Africa. 

The programme has a number of themes including  peace and security, human rights, trade and development, fighting poverty, energy development, migration and employment, science, the information society with space technology and climate change including the Great Green Wall of the Sahara project.  In all these endeavours the EU wants to enrol the help of the private sector to help, with what is the largest aid programme in history.     


The ACP action plan for 2011 to 2013 is developing increased cooperation between private corporations in both Europe and Africa for the support of projects and award of contracts into the private sector.  “Non State” organisations as private companies are known in Brussels, have always submitted their funding applications in two parts.  The applicant must set out how they will undertake the work needed and secondly they have previously had to state how well qualified their organisation and its staff are to complete the project.  Registration on the PADOR system clarifies how well resourced and qualified the applicant is to carry out the work that is expected of them.  The new data base system offers better information about applicants for participation in EuropeAid than ever before.    Registration is a bit complicated but that in its self can be an opportunity for registrants.



PADOR is therefore, an on-line system concerned with recording the identity, definition and profile of your company for the purpose of applying for grant aid.  On completion of the registration you will receive an ID number used to define the capability and experience that your organisation can contribute to African or Caribbean development projects.  Quoting your ID cuts out the need to detail your companies profile in future applications.  It also helps the European Commission to fit applicants into specific projects and become a tool for the EuropeAid programme to invite registered organisations into projects for which they are suitable. 


Your organisation’s data needs to be submitted with details of the experience of Directors and staff along with financial information and corporate strategy.  Any partnerships that you already have, or wish to form on a sartorial or global basis could be important to you.  Indeed the Commission may even suggest a partnership to make a bid for a particular project.   Applications for funding will be judged in part on the details and profile that your organisation has entered into PADOR.  Omitting an aspect of your company’s skills, experience or qualifications may well cause you to be overlooked for an attractive project, so complete your registration with care and keep it updated.


Registering your organisations resources, capabilities and plans in the ACP programme constitutes a vital commercial advantage when trading in sub Saharan Africa or the Caribbean.   It opens the gate to funding opportunities in the ACP programme but also puts you out in front of the competition that have not persisted in completing the procedure.   The Foreign Direct Investment EEIG has been funded to provide help to freely advise applicants with their PADOR registration.                


The Foreign Direct Investment EEIG

The Foreign Press Association

European Economic Interest Group number GE203 was registered on 26th February 2004 at Company’s House in Cardiff (see web site)

http://europa_eu/legislation_summaries/internal_market/business/company_law/l26015_en.htm  The Foreign Direct Investment EEIG is a non profit based group registered for the purpose of assisting organisations with best practice in FDI using support from various international grant funding sources.

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