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The New Technologies Will Change The Way You Call Africa

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Low cost Smartphones, fast mobile Internet and easy to use apps have made it very convenient for Africans to keep in touch with their loved ones across the globe. Rebtel, one of the world’s largest VoIP companies has developed free apps that work on most Smartphones and tablets making it possible to call Africa over 3G mobile data, Wi-fi or using local numbers.

Rebtel is a new innovative service in the UK that caters to West African customers and provides calls with crystal clear sound even when the user’s Internet is slow. Today, calling over the Internet is a reliable and popular alternative for consumers and small businesses. It provides significant cost savings over conventional phone systems with lower monthly expenses thanks to cheaper long distance and international rates. Rebtel has combined the convenience of traditional fixed and mobile phones with the advantage of low-cost routing over the Internet wrapped up in an app.

Andreas Bernstrom, CEO of Rebtel says, “International calling is an industry that has been plagued by fraudulent practices, non-user-friendly experiences and the burden of having to carry two phones. We are proud to say that we have solved all those problems for millions of people that have a Smartphone and want to use it to keep in touch with their families in Africa for the lowest possible cost.”

Rebtel uses the latest innovations in calling and makes it a convenient affair to call Africa as opposed to with a prepaid SIM that is commonly used in the UK. The app works instantly and eliminates the need for the second phone. According to an independent survey commissioned by Rebtel in the UK, 85% of the respondents own a Smartphone, however 81% of them use a different phone for calling Nigeria.
In America, Africa callers have been discarding old-fashioned international calling solutions for some time such as prepaid SIM cards in favor of these new services. Almost 1 million* people have made calls to Africa using Rebtel to date and the company holds a 96.2% recommendation rating amongst its total of 17 million users*.

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