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The treasured quarterly magazine The Promota Africa is the only UK published magazine that focuses on the progress of the African Diaspora, covering issues across the whole of Africa that directly or indirectly affects the prosperity of Diasporans.   The magazine provides in-depth coverage of a range of topics as diverse as its readership including business, fashion, culture, politics, interviews, spiritual, health, food, events, investment and much more. The Promota has become a must-read magazine for Africans in the Diaspora due to its inspirational, thoughtful and intelligent issues that compliments an inquiring and aspiring mind.   The magazine is edited by experienced British Sierra Leonean Mr. Ade Daramy, who says “It is our duty to wake-up the aspiring Diasporans to take advantage of opportunities around them and get them to feel feel a duty of promoting Africa positively to a global audience”.   The Promota has and will continue to be the vehicle that gives a voice to the African undiscovered talents and give a stage to those already shining. Through our pages, we chronicle the celebrities, business icons, fashion & lifestyle designers, role models and Diaspora innovators that inspired our people.  


The Group The magazine has been published by the Promota media group since 2005. And the Promota group is the organiser of the Ugandan Convention and investment Expo, the biggest gathering of the Ugandan middle class in Europe.  


Distribution and Circulation

With targeted newsstand placement and direct to publisher subscriptions, the magazine is mainly distributed in the UK through the network of African retail and Barbershop outlets which now totals more than 300 in Greater London alone. Strategic distribution at various major African events in the UK like the Ugandan Investment Expo, the best of Nigeria Expo, Kenyan Diaspora Expo, Rwanda Diaspora Expo just to mention a few as well as at selected African Embassies. The Magazine also has an expanding, global reach with digital issues through yudu.  




Majorly the magazine is read by affluent, influential, positively minded Africans and those with interest in the African Diaspora community.   Our target readers is between 20-55-year-old professionals, business owners, decision makers and aspirants for the European dream.   Mediakit/rate card

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