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The Republic of Congo: a rich but unexploited mineral potential

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Ministry of Mines & Geology, Republic of Congo, in association with AME Trade Ltd. are organising the 1st Congo International Mining Conference & Exhibition (CIEMC) taking place at the Palais des Congres, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, from 3 – 4 October 2013. The main theme of the event is: "The diversification of the Congolese Economy through realising the potential of its mineral resources.”

CIEMC-I will be a turnkey event covering the opportunities and challenges associated with doing business in the Republic of Congo’s rapidly growing and potential filled mining industry. It will feature two days of conference sessions, a trade exhibition, interactive workshops and technical excursions. Participate at CIEMC as a delegate, exhibitor or sponsor.

Congo possesses some of West and Central Africa’s largest deposits of iron ore and other discoveries in Gabon and Cameroon could make the country a new worldwide iron ore hub. Zanaga iron-ore project: located in South Western of the Lekoumou District with an estimated production of 45Mt of iron ore/ annum. Production is slated for 2016 – 2017, it has 6,800Mt of reserves and expected 30 year mine life. Processed iron ore will be transported to a new port site 10km north of Pointe-Noire by a 350km purpose-built railway, The new port will have capacity to produce 45Mt of dry export ore a year. Mayoko iron-ore project is located in the southwest region of the ROC and covers a total of 1,000km and has estimated reserves of 2,500 Mt. The target is ramp up production to 10Mt per annum by 2016. The project operator will upgrade existing passenger railway located in close proximity to transport and transport the ore for export to the port of Pointe-Noire. The adjacent Ngoubou-Ngoubou prospect is currently under exploration. Mayoko-Moussondji & Badondo: estimated resources are currently put at 767 Mt of iron ore for Mayoko-Moussondji and for Badondo exploration target is 1.3 and 2.2 billion tonnes. Avima: situated in North West of the Republic of Congo, the deposit has estimated reserves 690Mt with an iron content of 58%; or 580Mt with an iron ore content of 60%. Mbalam project: is a regional project that covers Republic of Congo, Gabon and Cameroon. The Nabeba project has estimated reserves of 1,720Mt of iron ore. The ore will be transported across the Cameroonian border and then over 500 km to the coast for export. Youkou and Okanabora: exploration targets are set at 1,000Mt, located in the North West of Congo, Okanabora is still mainly unexplored.


Congo will soon to become a worldwide top-10 producer of phosphate rock. Phosphate mine at its Hinda project in Kouilou Province 37km northeast of Pointe-Noire, it combines two adjacent permits (Hinda and Kolatchikanou) covering a combined area of some 2,300km². There is a tarred road in existence and a railway connects it to the Pointe-Noire port. The resource totals 531Mt, a beneficiation plant is to be built, producing annually 4Mt (which could double to 8Mt per annum) of beneficiated phosphate rock


Congo among the world’s lowest-cost potash producers, large sedimentary deposits of potash are located on Congo’s coastal plan and in close distance to main export port of Pointe-Noire. The Mengo Mine is expected to produce 1.2Mt/y. A mine and a processing plant will each produce 0.6 Mt/y. A potash export terminal is being initiated near Pointe-Noire with a 150,000t storage facility. Sintoukola project: is located 60 km, north of Pointe-Noire. The total potash mineral resource is estimated at 1,320Mt. Reneville and Kingouala during the colonial era produced high grade copper deposits, exploration has now started again. Boko Songo copper and Yanga Koubanza lead-zinc prospects in Bouenza Department are currently being explored. Archean Mayoko greenstone belt, a past producer of alluvial gold and large gem diamonds is the concentration for companies exploring in the Niari Province. Artisanal miners regularly find gold in Kelle, Kakamoeka, Mayoko and in Souanké. Exploration is ongoing in the Lepandza and the Ngouaka diamond prospects on the Malambani permit and the Vourapa prospect on the Camp Socobois permit, Niari Province. Alluvial diamond exploration barges work on the Congo river at Mimbely and Bangui-Motaba


CIEMC 2013: For further information contact CIEMC Organizing Committee at  or  +44 (0)207 700 4949.

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