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The Top of The Ugandan Entertainment Popular List 2010

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Moze Radio: He is what you would call the cream of Ugandan musicians. He is among the few musicians who can hit the high notes. Every song that he has delivered has been rated number one on the Ugandan charts. He has done collabo’s with Blu 3, GNL, and the output is what you would always want to listen to. It has not been an easy road for him. Having been in the shadows of Dr. Chameleone for a long time, the celebrated singer did all sorts of old jobs for his boss (Chameleone) just to see himself through school. 

His endurance and determination paid off because he managed to graduate from Makarere University with a Bachelors degree in Community Psychology. Just like the saying goes that ‘They have learnt nothing to forget nothing’, Moze Radio has not used his academic knowledge to control his temper. Every time he has a quarrel with Bebe cool it ends up in a fight.  Community psychologists are taught tolerance, and how to manage their anger. I wonder how he missed those course units but never the less he managed to get some academic papers.

Bobi Wine:

It has not been easy road for Bobi Wine but he is surely deep waters. The singer struggled with his career throughout his school time. His former class mate revealed that he was always banging from tins to school desks just to get a beat for anything he wanted to sing but I salute him for he was a very bright boy in school. He could neither carry books nor write notes in class but at the end of the day he was among the best students in class.  His university days were amazing because he never had cash to give or impress the campus babes but he was voted twice for being the ‘Ladies man’. Despite his Ghetto background, he was a very humble boy almost loved by all lectures and the students’ body. He graduated from Makerere University in 2003 acquiring a degree in Music dance and Drama. In fact it was during his university days that he released his first hit ‘Akagoma’ which helped him move to greater ranks. From a well celebrated musician to acting in a local produced movie ‘Divixions’ where he showcased his great acting skills. Seriously the Mazzi Mawanvu singer is a deep waters in the education section unlike his top competitors.


Straka Mwezi:

Just mention the name ‘Straka baibe’, everyone knows her. The old, young all know the celebrated music Mc and WBS late show star. She has been in the lime light more than you can imagine. From a karaoke Mc at ‘Jajja Asinasi’ bar in Nasana, she has moved from bar to bar in fact her CurriculumVitae is one of the biggest ever. She has rubbed shoulders with richest men in Kampala and dated many of them. Once a figure six, she has now turned into a figure 16 and on this , she has added on the multicolored hair styles changed ever week. She has been involved in many scandals and the most recent one is the fake (Kiwani) wedding she had staged with her boyfriend ‘Sizzaman’ just to reap off Ugandans. This wedding was going to make history in Uganda because it was the first wedding where Ugandans would pay an amount of 10,000 shillings to attend. She had intended to serve them with fired cassava and samosa’s. For many years, she has presented the Zain sponsored programme ‘The late show’ but with her experience with Zain products, don’t you think she deserves much more than this. I guess so but our own Straka baibe who completed her primary seven from St. Thereza Gayaza girls, failed to see her way through senior two because of school fees problems. With the fame she has, the best jobs in can ever do is emceeing but never a proper job in any corporate company because academic papers matter a lot in Uganda today.


Bebe cool:

The ‘Bogolako star’ has had so many good and bad days. He was recently gunned down behind Centenary park but we are yet to establish whether this was staged by the many enemies he has. He has been in the music industry for a long time with a number of hits. He has a gorgeous wife by the names of ‘Zuena Kimera’ with two beautiful children. He is a son of a long living politician who has served from Amin’s regime to the current regime.  His father owns almost the whole of Kiwatule a surburb of Kampala with many estates belonging to his children. That is enough to explain that Bebe cool grew up with access to everything he wanted as a child.  The fact that he comes from a rich family didn’t guarantee him staying in school. ‘Big size’ as he calls himself dropped of school in Senior five from Makerere High School and since then he has been singing.


 Juliana Kanyomozi:

She is one hot musician, talented with a very good voice. She is as well the  reigning PAM Award artiste of the year who can say little about her academic back ground. Sources reveal that Juliana due financial problems, dropped out in Senior Five from City High School. . We are told she could escape from school and hit Sabrinas Pub for Karaoke in the 1990's with her close pal Iryn Namubiru and later they formed a group called the ‘ I-J’ which collapsed after they fell out with each other.


Karitas Karisimbi:

She is one of the hottest items in Kampala enjoying dates from the classy and the well to do guys in town. She has done emceeing then later presented the  Show time magazine on WBS Television. And then later joining capital Fm as a presenter of the ‘Break Fast show’. Now imagine if she had gone to school, she would be among the big wings we have in the corporate world. But sadly, she dropped out in Senior five from Kololo Secondary School and hit Kampala streets.


Jose Chameleone:

The Jamacian singer ‘Beenie man’ named him the ‘African finest’. He has a big fan base in the East african region . He name has been changed many times from Jose Chameleone, to Heavy weight now to Dr. Chameloene.Recently he lauched his’ Basima Ogenze’  album with a enormous of people but just like pal Bebe Cool, ‘The Ba Yuda star’ is a senior six graduate from kawempe musilm school . He didn’t see any raeson for going for further studies since he had a good voice to make him earn a living. He stormed to Nairobi and released his first hit Mama Mia and then it is hit after hit.

Henry Tigan:

The reggae star who has recorded music and shared a stage with Jamacian reggae star ‘Marion Asher’ has not only proved his worth in the music industry  with  hits like ‘Out of control’, ‘Abogezi babawo’ and many more but also in class as well. He has just graduated from Kyambogo University with a bachelor’s degree in Adult Community education. You see being musician and educated at the same time is a big plus for Henry Tigan because big corporate companies can endorse him for projects that require an academic transcript.

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