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TheSecrets of the Afro Comb Book Launch Coincides with the Origins of the Afro Comb Exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge

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K.N. Chimbiri’s latest book, Secrets of the Afro Comb,6,000 Years of Art and Cultureis an ideal introduction to African history and art, featuring more than 40 full-colour illustrations and more than 49 photos, many of which have never before been published.The book is written in a clear and engaging narrative that includes maps, timelines, and a reader-friendly glossary that makes the book an invaluable reference.


Secrets of the Afro Comb is ideal for parents and teachers who want to introduce children to African history, art, and design. “I wrote Secrets of the Afro Comb to accompany the Origins of the Afro Comb exhibitionat the Fitzwilliam Museum,” explains Chimbiri. “It’s theworld’sfirst children’s book about African combs. In addition to looking at the Afro comb as an art object, the book also discusses cultural issues such as whyAfrican hair is curly.”


The Origins of the Afro Comb exhibitionincludes hundreds of remarkable combs from pre-dynastic Egypt to modern-day ‘Black fist’ combs referencing the 1970s Black Power Movement, as well as associated images and sculpture showing the wide variety of hairstyles found in Africa and around the world. The exhibition is open now and runs until the 31st of October.


K.N. Chimbiri is a member of the organizing community committee for the Origins of the Afro Comb exhibition and the author of two children’s African history books:The Story of Early Ancient Egypt and the history-themed activity book Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush. In addition to teaching workshops on ancient African history, Chimbiri has also appeared in three documentaries, including the award-winning Nubian Spirit.


For more information about purchasing a copy or distributing Secrets of the Afro Comb, contactGolden Destiny Ltd. at +44 (0) 7980 631 077.

About K.N. Chimbiri

K.N. Chimbiri is the author of Secrets of the Afro Comb, 6,000 Years of Art and Culture and two other African history books for children: The Story of Early Ancient Egypt and the history-themed activity book Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush.Chimbiriestablished her own publishing house, Golden Destiny Limited, in 2009 because of the lack of diversity in available children’s books and the lack of information about Ancient Africa and Black history that goes beyond slavery.



Golden Destiny Ltd.

+44 (0) 7980 631 077

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